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DryPly Plywood DryPly® Plywood

DryPly plywood has a water-repellent coating that reduces water absorption by up to 40% during the normal exposed construction cycle. Learn More

promo Thermostat® Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing - Plywood or OSB

This product can offer long term energy savings for the homeowner by helping reduce cooling energy consumption. Learn More

Residential construction

Differentiate Your Business

In today's rapidly changing housing market, it is increasingly important to build homes that are durable and energy efficient. Georgia-Pacific can help you differentiate your business with quality wood products that can provide your clients with a better home. Learn more at

DryPly Plywood Sub-floor with water-repellent coating

Reduce Moisture Issues

Moisture-related issues during the construction process can cause problems for builders, such as time-consuming repairs and costly replacements. As one of the first components in the building process, the sub-floor is sometimes left exposed to the elements for an extended period of time.

DryPly plywood sub-floor panels feature a water-repellent coating that provides moisture protection during the normal construction cycle.
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For truckload quantities, call 866-249-3639 | Search Dealer Locations by Zip Code Learn more about DryPly® Plywood


Build It Better As a building material, wood offers a unique combination of sustainable benefits, including strength, durability, affordability, and environmental advantages. Get the facts… find out more about wood as a renewable natural resource.


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