Eliminate the Need for House Wrap

Installation Instructions

Easy to Install. Easy to Use.

  • Faster than traditional house wrap installation, helping save time and helping lower total installed cost
  • Installation requires two steps:
    Step 1 - Install sheathing – panels install like standard OSB or plywood sheathing
    Step 2 - Tape seams with ForceField seam tape
  • Once installed, provides protection from the elements during the construction process
  • Integrated sheathing and proprietary overlay create a barrier that keeps water out, but is also vapor permeable, allowing water vapor to escape and promote drying
  • The integration of the overlay and panel eliminates the need for re-work that is necessary with house wrap that has blown off or is installed incorrectly
  • Window, door and other penetrations don't require complicated cutting and folding common with house wrap installation
  • ForceField sheathing combined with ForceField seam tape helps prevent air infiltration, contributing to a more energy efficient structure
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Download Installation Instructions

Download GP ForceField Installation Instructions



  • Select the correct panel thickness or span rating for the application.
  • Install ForceField panels with weather barrier side facing out. The panels may be installed either horizontally or vertically.
  • Space panels 1/8" apart at panel ends and edges, and around window and door openings.
  • Fasten panels with minimum 6d common or deformed shank nails for panels ½" thick or less, and with 8d common nails for panels 5/8" thick and above.
  • Place nails 3/8" from panel edge and spaced 6" apart along panel edges and 12" apart along intermediate supports.
  • Wall sheathing panels should not be glued to framing.
  • Apply ForceField tape across areas of over-driven fasteners or on top of nails that have over penetrated by ¼".


  • Align and position self-adhering ForceField seam tape over the joint. Press the tape firmly onto the joint. Ensure there is at least 1" tape coverage on either side of the joint.
  • On horizontal joints or vertical splices, ensure the tape overlaps at least 2"at all ends of the tape. At T-joints, tape should overlap by at least 1".
  • Ensure the above taped section is overlapping the lower tape section so that all overlaps are shingle style.
  • Press taped joints and overlaps with your hand or a J-roller to ensure a tight seal to the panel and to eliminate air bubbles and loose edges.
  • For best performance, do not remove and re-apply tape.
  • Tape substitutions for ForceField seam tape are not covered by the warranty.

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