Air & Water Barrier System

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Protection and Performance inside and out

The ForceField® air and water barrier system from Georgia-Pacific consists of structural engineered wood sheathing panels laminated with a proprietary air and water barrier. Once the panels are installed on a structure and the panel seams are taped with ForceField® seam tape, it creates a code-compliant, integrated system for residential or light commercial construction that eliminates the need for house wrap.

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Helps Save You Time and Money

The ForceField system eliminates the need for house wrap. When you do away with this step it helps save you time and labor costs, which ultimately lowers your total installed cost. ForceField requires only one installer to tape the seams between the panels. House wrap takes at least two installers. Plus, house wrap requires special attention for window and corner details, whereas ForceField makes it easy to flash windows, doors and other penetrations. You’ll never have to deal with re-working blown off house wrap again.

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Helps Prevent Water Intrusion & Air Infiltration

The proprietary overlay which is bonded to the top of a ForceField panel has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of moisture between the overlay and the panel itself. This overlay creates a barrier that keeps water out, but is also vapor permeable, allowing water vapor to escape and promote drying. Once installed and the seams are taped, the ForceField system prevents air infiltration, which helps create a more energy efficient home.

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Tear and Apply ForceField Seam Tape with Your Own Hands

ForceField seam tape not only creates a strong bond, but is light in weight and is serrated so it’s easy to tear. No utility knives or special applicators are necessary. ForceField tape has a highly modified acrylic adhesive designed to work at temperatures as low as 0° F. This means you don’t have to worry about work being delayed in extremely cold temperatures. UV and weather resistant, it comes in convenient 180 foot rolls, so you don’t have to worry about running out of tape so often.

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