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Industrial Plaster

Industrial Plaster

Georgia-Pacific manufactures a complete line of Alpha and Beta gypsum plasters, serving various industries. We supply plaster to manufacturers of sanitaryware, dinnerware, GRG (glass reinforced gypsum), medical bandages and dental plasters to name a few. Different formulations of Alpha and Beta can be used in pottery plasters, metal casting plasters, industrial tooling plasters and casting plasters. View our complete line of industrial plasters by clicking the application categories to the left. Complete, printable specifications are available in each category.

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When the hemi-hydrate of gypsum is formed by calcining in kettles at atmospheric pressure, the result is known as Beta gypsum. Alpha gypsum, on the other hand, is made by processing batches of gypsum under elevated pressure. Alpha gypsum has a lower water-carrying capability and is used where high strength is required. Sometimes Alpha and Beta gypsum are blended to produce varieties of plasters with medium water demands.

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