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Closing the Gap, with DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards

Industry-leading Georgia-Pacific Gypsum panels save time, money by eliminating the hassle of calculating and allowing for expansion gaps during installation

Atlanta, GA. February 19, 2015 -- 

Like many other things in life, closing the gap is a good thing.

It’s also true for roofing contractors weary of painstakingly installing certain types of roofing cover boards that require up to 1/4“ of expansion gaps to allow for thermal and hygrometric expansion. And that’s one of many reasons why thousands of roofing contractors prefer DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards - no gapping required!

Because DensDeck Prime panels have superior dimensional stability over competitive gypsum fiber cover boards, they do not need to be gapped during installation. The benefits of “no gapping” to roofing contractors and their clients are significant, including:

· No math - With DensDeck Prime, contractors do not have to calculate the anticipated expansion that comes with rising temperatures and increases in relative humidity, an exercise that can easily lead to errors.

· Speedier installs - All DensDeck Prime edges butt tightly together for a quick and efficient installation using standard roofing practices. This allows the contractor to move on to the next job without worrying if the installation was done correctly.

· Less wasted adhesive - With other brands, adhesive may be wasted because excess seeps into the gaps, adding unnecessary cost to the job as well as the potential for trapped solvents to potentially cause membrane blisters or damage the insulation.

· No ridges or buckling - With DensDeck Prime, the system membrane lies flat over the smooth cover board surface; with other brands, ridges or buckling can occur after the boards expand, increasing the likelihood of partial or full remediation.

“Saving money and time, and reducing the possibility of a damaged system, are among the many benefits that make DensDeck Prime an ideal cover board choice,” said Todd Kuykendall, director of Marketing and Product Management, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. “No gapping means less worry for contractors.”

DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards will be displayed at the Georgia-Pacific Gypsum exhibit in Booth 1143 at the 2015 International Roofing Expo® (IRE), in New Orleans, Feb. 24 to 26.

DensDeck Roof Boards Legacy

Billions of square feet of DensDeck and DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards have been installed in thousands of commercial roofing systems worldwide for nearly 30 years. Contractors, architects and consultants have widely recognized and valued the superior advantages of DensDeck and DensDeck Prime cover boards, including: fire, wind and hail protection; sound remediation; ease of installation; strength and dimensional stability; and protection from foot traffic and equipment damage.

In 2014 third-party testing, DensDeck Prime boards displayed superior puncture and impact resistance, protecting thermoplastic roofing membranes better than high-density polyisocyanurate (HD ISO) cover boards. Click here to read a press release with further details.

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