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Wall system components Here is a tool for architects and builders to compare relative performance characteristics and relative cost of residential wall systems within various regions of North America.*

Use this information to help you specify the best components for your design, or to assist in the value-engineering process. (Launch button and terms of use agreement directly to the right.)

Choose from 11 to 14 pre-configured wall systems in each of 5 different climate zones in the United States; and 10 wall systems predominately for the very cold climate areas of Canada. You can immediately compare on a good-better-best basis, fundamental performance characteristics using different claddings, insulations and interior membranes.

Compare wall system performance within a climatic zone for:
• structural/shear strength
• structural/shear strength
• interior and exterior vapor permeability
• wall R-value
• and air infiltration resistance.

Our model assumes using durable plywood sheathing and mold- and moisture-resistant, fiberglass mat interior drywall. We drew our map based on the North American map for the hygro-thermal regions, developed for the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), an initiative of the International Code Council.

*Performance characteristics matrix is developed by member firms of the U.S. Department of Energy Building America partnership. Program and computer modeled by the WUFI hygrothermal modeling process developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. All assemblies use existing products. They are put together in such a manner as to maximize thermal efficiency, moisture management, and overall durability by climate zone.


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