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Did you know? Wood contributes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its non-renewable counterparts, steel and concrete. Learn More

DryPly Plywood DryPly® Plywood

DryPly plywood has a water-repellent coating that reduces water absorption by up to 40% during the normal exposed construction cycle. Learn More

We use trees, a renewable natural resource, to manufacture wood products that serve as the critical foundation of homes, businesses, schools, community centers, and countless other buildings. What you don't see matters™. Build it better®.

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Sustainable Forestry Practices

Our commitment to the responsible use of natural resources influences our manufacturing process. We promote sustainable forestry practices among the landowners who supply our fiber. In fact, more wood is grown than is harvested each year in the United States - over 30% more. Our structural panel, engineered lumber, and softwood lumber products are made from wood sourced through a system that’s third-party certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) procurement standard.

Resource Management

Resource Management

There is virtually no waste when we use a tree. Our manufacturing facilities utilize advanced technologies to identify the most effective way to cut each log in order to optimize product yield and maximize the use of each tree. We utilize bark and wood residuals as a source of energy required to run our operations. These biomass fuels reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and purchased electricity, thereby reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead

We provide safe workplaces for our employees and value-added wood products to meet customer needs while protecting our environment for future generations.


Build It Better As a building material, wood offers a unique combination of sustainable benefits, including strength, durability, affordability and environmental advantages. Get the facts… find out more about wood as a renewable natural resource.


NAHBRC Green Approved logo Many Georgia-Pacific wood building materials have been certified by Home Innovation Research Labs to comply with point-worthy practices by within the National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Please visit for more information on products and practices. Learn more about products and points.


Standards and certification Georgia-Pacific gypsum and wood panels help make buildings sustainable in many ways. Learn More

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