New Construction or Renovation? Flexibility Reigns with DensElement™

Whether you’re embarking on a new construction or renovation project, you need an innovative sheathing solution that’s quick to install, ABBA listed and WRB-AB approved. And the good news? You can specify the same product. J. Wales Construction chose DensElement for a new Hilton Garden Inn® in Arlington, Texas; Davis Architects switched to it on a fast-tracked renovation project on the University of Florida’s Gainesville campus. In both cases, using DensElement saved the building owners time and money.

Though the Arlington area only receives 38 inches of rain annually, aggressive weather conditions threatened the build of the new Hilton Garden Inn® and the hotel owners with potential late-completion penalties. To avoid weather-related delays and fees, J. Wales Construction’s Project Manager Larry Kellogg required the structure’s sheathing to dry in more quickly. “We were in the process of changing the specification,” said Kellogg. “And we probably would have ended up with Georgia-Pacific DensGlass® Sheathing and roll-on waterproofing.”

Georgia-Pacific knew DensElement Barrier System could accelerate a critical step in the build process while eliminating the need for a separate waterproofing contractor, saving time and money, and Kellogg agreed.  Brian Caruso of All Around Commercial Construction, the company that installed the exterior sheathing, supported Kellogg’s decision. After less than an hour of hands-on training, Caruso’s crew was able to install the 58,000-square-feet of DensElement and apply 25,520-linear-feet of R-Guard® FastFlash® liquid flashing.

DensElement Barrier System sheathing expedited the build, as Kellogg’s crew could begin working on the interior before the cladding was on. “We’ve been waiting for a product like this,” Kellogg said. He went on to note that J. Wales Construction has been waiting for a product like this and that he would advocate for the DensElement Barrier System on upcoming projects.
When the University of Florida wanted to renovate the Stephen C. O’Connell Center, affectionately referred to as the O’Dome, there were some unique considerations. The $64-million-dollar expansion guided by Davis Architects included adding a dramatic two-story main entrance, a reconfigured arena, high-efficiency utilities and new amenities for the students, fans and others who would enjoy the facility.

One of the first steps in the project was the construction of a 14,592-square-foot temporary wall, originally specified using Georgia-Pacific DensGlass® Sheathing.  Jeff Henderson of Mader Southeast, the commercial construction company who won the bid, understood the aggressive construction schedule. He suggested an alternative for the job that would provide greater efficiency: DensElement Barrier System. “With this system,” Henderson said, “you put up the DensElement Sheathing, apply the FastFlash® liquid flashing, and you’re done. Fewer steps make it faster.” The FastFlash® liquid flashing can also be applied even when the material is wet from rain or other condensation. These are important benefits for project owners who want to minimize delays and downtime while improving the bottom line.

The temporary wall was going to receive considerable exposure to the harsh Florida weather while the facility was still being used for activities. According to Henderson, “With the DensElement Barrier System, we were confident of keeping water out.”

Courtney Pittman, Vice President and Project Manager for Davis Architects, was pleased. “The DensElement Barrier System is a great system because it goes up quickly,” she said, “It suited our purposes perfectly, and we got great feedback from the installation contractor. I would certainly recommend it on future projects.”