Roofing’s Number 1 Foot Traffic Defense

With wind, hail, and heavy rain consuming the headlines, footfall may not be your top concern for roof damage. But that doesn’t mean it won’t cause serious issues and costly repairs. Each person on the roof brings their own source of potential harm.

From work boots to high heels and everything in between, today’s rooftops are seeing a variety of visitors with their own tools of destruction in hand. Heavy equipment? Martini glasses? Gardening tools and more? As more tenants are drawn to rooftop additions like gardens or solar paneling, assembly designs will require additional protection. Whatever the building, every foot set on the roof has the power to destroy—if not properly accounted for.

From the initial assembly to equipment installation to maintenance and repair, a high-performance cover board provides extra support for the membrane and insulation to avoid potential punctures. The added strength helps to disperse the added weight to help keep the membrane from cracking under the pressure.

We’ve been thinking a few steps ahead for you. Here’s a handy visual guide highlighting the protection your roof system needs at various steps throughout its lifespan. Consider how DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards can strengthen your roof’s defense here: DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC.