Rainscreen Cladding Systems Compatibility

In response to questions about rainscreen compatibility with the DensElement Barrier System, please refer to the following information.

An open rainscreen, defined as a wall cladding system where the joints of the cladding system are left untreated or sealed, that stands off from the DensElement Barrier System surface to create a capillary break to allow drainage, air circulation and evaporation, is an acceptable cladding system applied over the DensElement Barrier System. For cladding gaps exceeding ½-in., please refer to PROSOCO’s Rainscreen Bulletin:


Tech Bulletin: Rainscreen Cladding Systems Compatibility

When property installed, and when cladding gaps do not exceed ½” after installation, the use of open rainscreen cladding systems over the DensElement Barrier System does not invalidate the five-year limited warranty for performance of the DensElement Barrier System as a water-resistive barrier and air barrier. Please refer to DensElement.com for full limited warranty details.

The DensElement Barrier System consists of three system components: DensElement Sheathing, PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® liquid flashing and R-Guard® PorousPrep® water-based primer. When properly installed, the DensElement Barrier System is a vapor permeable water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) when the joints, fasteners, penetrations, openings and transitions are properly sealed with PROSOCO FastFlash® liquid flashing. The system solution eliminates the need to cover the face of the sheathing with traditional WRB-AB systems, such as building wrap, fluid-applied membranes or self-adhered membranes.

For installation details and full limited warranty details, visit www.DensElement.com.

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