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DensDeck® Roof Cover Boards Help Protect Roof System Membranes Against Everyday Punctures

The basic purpose of a roof cover board is to serve as a rigid substrate for the membrane. Keeping the membrane intact minimizes potential damage to the roofing system; and protects the building, contents and occupants.

DensDeck® Prime cover boards support membranes so they can resist puncture damage, allowing them to do their job as the front-line protection of the roof assembly against water intrusion.

Results of independent laboratory testing in 2014, using standard ASTM D5635 puncture test methodology1, consistently showed that thermoplastic membranes do not puncture as easily when 1/4" DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards are used as a cover board, compared to using HD ISO cover boards. Thermoplastic membranes tested in assemblies with 1/4" DensDeck® Prime panels boards underneath were 83% more puncture resistant, on average, than membranes with 1/2" HD ISO substrate or no cover board at all.

Durable and versatile DensDeck Prime roof boards can potentially save money for roofing contractors, building owners and facility managers by eliminating or reducing the need for costly repairs due to punctures during and after completion of the roof installation.

DensDeck® Roof Board Puncture Testing

Watch the Hatchet Come Down!

In the standard ASTM D5635 test, a powerful hatchet strikes a commercial roofing assembly with thermoplastic membranes and 1/4" DensDeck® Prime panels underneath.

View product diagram.

Third-party testing during 20141 revealed:

Thermoplastic membranes tested in assemblies with 1/4" DensDeck® Prime panels underneath were 83% more puncture resistant…

…than with 1/2" HD ISO or with no cover board at all1.

1 Puncture resistance testing conducted by Jim Koontz & Associates, July 21, 2014 to August 1, 2014, in its Hobbs, N.M. laboratory, according to ASTM D5635 standards. Assemblies included a base layer of 2", 20-psi polyisocyanurate insulation; and configurations were covered with 45-mil thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or 48 mil polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membranes. The test method evaluates the maximum puncture load the samples can withstand, without allowing the passage of water when subjected to impact from a rigid object with sharp edges.

Where There’s a Puncture, There’s a Problem

Whether designed to withstand added foot traffic associated with a vegetative roof, the supplementary loads associated with solar panels or additional HVAC equipment, or to protect increasing amounts of insulation for energy performance, commercial roofs are expected to perform flawlessly and for a very long time.

However, those roofs that fail – even minimally – can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in mitigation expenses, property damage or lost tenant income.

DensDeck® Prime Roof Board -
The Clear Choice for Cover Board

Making the right choice in roofing materials – from membranes to fasteners, adhesives to cover boards – is a critical decision. Third-party testing results confirm that DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards display superior puncture and impact resistance, protecting thermoplastic roofing membranes better than high-density polyisocyanurate (HD ISO) cover boards.

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For recommendations and limitations of use for DensDeck Roof Boards, click here to download the technical brochure. Georgia-Pacific Gypsum does not warrant or provide specifications for any specific roofing assembly or any component other than DensDeck Roof Boards. Consult with the appropriate system manufacturer or design authority for system specifications and instructions.

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