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DensDeck® Roof Board / Sound Isolation and Acoustical Solutions

Sound Isolation Solutions Made Easy with DensDeck® Roof Boards

  • Achieve a variety of STC and OITC ratings in specific roof assemblies.
  • Meet new standards, codes, and green building program demands for isolation from outdoor sounds.
  • Use standard roofing installation techniques and products in new construction and remediation projects.
  • Address sound, moisture, energy and sustainability challenges.

Verified Performance of Assemblies may Increase Comfort of the Indoor Acoustical Environment

  • Ideally suited for commercial steel or wood-framed construction
  • Utilized in buildings in high-noise areas around airports, expressways, railroads and military bases
  • Perfect for schools, airports, hospitals and multi-family housing in noisy areas

Many Standards, Codes and Green Building Programs Require or Give Extra Credit for Improved Sound Isolation

  • Schools: ANSI S 12.60 and LEED® for Schools
  • Healthcare: Facilities Guidelines Institute and LEED® for Healthcare
  • Regulatory: DoD for Military Housing / HUD Noise Abatement 24 CFR 51B
  • High performance buildings: ASHRAE 189.1

Tested Roof Assemblies - Verified Results

Introduced to the market nearly 30 years ago, DensDeck® Roof Boards are the first gypsum roof boards tested to contribute to Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of up to 61 and Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings of up to 49 in roofing assemblies for commercial framed construction*. These high levels of sound attenuation are especially important as new code and building programs call for sound mitigation in wall and roof-ceiling assemblies.

DensDeck® Roof Boards in Assemblies: Sound Testing Results

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