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FireDefender® FireStop

FireDefender Fire Stop

FireDefender® FireStop is used for stiles and rails around the perimeter of doors, between the mineral core and the decorative wood or high-pressure laminate edges. It has excellent screw withdrawal characteristics and is also used as internal blocking material to allow hardware to be screwed to the door.

FireStop is made from gypsum, organic fibers, fiberglass and inert binders. In addition to its excellent performance in fire doors, FireStop can be used to make fire-rated door frames that can be veneered by the manufacturer to match the faces of the door and surrounding woodwork or cabinetry.

FireDefender® FireStop makes an excellent fire-resistant substrate for wood veneered door frames. These frames have achieved neutral and positive pressure certification for 45-, 60-, and 90-minute ratings. Veneered with the same species as the door faces, they make for beautiful openings when aesthetics are of primary concern.

FireDefender FireStop Physical Properties
Color Light brown
Weight 12"x12"x1" 6.5-7 lbs./ft2 32-34 kg/m2
Density 78-85 lbs./ft3 1263-1378 kg/m3
Screw Withdrawal
(Face) (lbs.)
Meets or exceeds all WDMA I.S. 1A Extra Heavy Duty Standards
Split Resistance 700-900 lbs 318-408 kg

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