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DensElement Gypsum Wallboard Sheathing

Block 20: Portland Rain and 22 Stories

A city known for constant rains, dramatic shifts in climate throughout the year, and perpetual moisture, Portland, Oregon provides unique challenges for any construction project. When Hoyt Realty Group hired Bora Architects to design the expansive, 246-foot-tall Block 20 Condominium Tower in downtown Portland, it was clear that novel solutions would be needed if the project was to be completed on time and within budget.

densglass piedmont newnan hospital project

Piedmont Newnan Hospital – Newnan, Georgia

The winter of 2011 brought an unusual amount of ice to the Atlanta area. A sudden storm left roads impassable, and schools and businesses shut their doors as Georgians avoided the layers of ice and blistering cold that had engulfed the city. Meanwhile, just south of Atlanta, an under-construction hospital was left to weather the storm with little more to its walls than DensGlass® Sheathing from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

densarmour plus Benoit

Benoit Farms: A Rural Escape

Atlanta-based LG Squared, Inc., an architectural and consulting firm that specializes in the design and building of high-performance homes, uses DensArmor Plus® Gypsum Panels in a self-sustainable, off-the-grid homestead in Hayesville, North Carolina.