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Search for assemblies by selecting an assembly type, hourly rating, STC rating or product type above - or type part of a fire or sound test name. To narrow down the results, click on the check boxes to the left.

Drill down in the categories above for detailed information, illustrations and performance characteristics for a variety of wall systems and assemblies using gypsum wallboards, sheathing, shaftliner and backer boards from Georgia-Pacific.

The data relating to fire and sound-tested assemblies is based on the characteristics, properties and performance of materials and systems obtained under controlled test conditions as set forth under the appropriate ASTM standard, such as E 108 (fire), E 90 (sound) or E 72 (structural).

The information presented in this directory has been organized for ease of reference and is presented for illustration only. The information presented reflects the results of tests conducted on systems composed of specific materials assembled in a specific manner or independent approvals based on further evaluations or inferences from such tests. For more detailed information, please consult the testing agency’s fire resistance directory or listing.

For important product fire, safety and use information concerning Georgia-Pacific’s products, go to

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