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Follow these steps to produce a report for LEED® Canada Materials and Resource Credits MR4 Recycled Content and MR5 Regional Materials for your projects in Canada using Georgia-Pacific Gypsum products. Not all LEED Credits are applicable in all countries; refer to the World Green Building Council ( For more information about LEED Canada, visit If you would like to receive a copy of the report by e-mail, be sure to enter your e-mail address in the space provided.

  • Complete the Requestor Information and Project Information fields. Do not use special characters such as #, >, /, etc. This will cause the report to fail. Note: if you change the project postal code after selecting products, you must start over and re-select the products.
  • Select a product, then the manufacturing location from the dropdown lists. If you are uncertain about the manufacturing location of the products you purchased, contact your distribution source, or call Georgia-Pacific Gypsum at 1-800-225-6119.
  • For products manufactured in Lovell, WY, select either Edmonton or Winnipeg as the reload location closest to your project.
  • Enter the materials purchase cost in Canadian Dollars. Include your price to purchase, plus tax and delivery to the job site, if any.
  • Click to add MR4 and MR5 calculations.
  • Add more products using the same steps. You can also delete products.
  • View basic results on this screen. Click Create Report for full, printable details, and to e-mail a copy of the report. Please consult the full report for important details and limitations.
  • No reports, results or contact information is being saved by Georgia-Pacific. Your e-mail address will be used only to e-mail this report.

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