DryMax Enclosed Cargo Trailer Panels
DryMax Cargo Enclosed Trailer Panels for Wall & Floors
  • Enhanced durability, fastener-holding ability, stiffness and strength compared to standard OSB products
  • Moisture resistance throughout the panel, not just on the surface
  • More than 15 years of proven performance in cargo trailer applications
Good luck finding a stronger cargo panel

With their enhanced durability, fastener-holding capability and strong performance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more complete cargo panel. DryMax® Cargo Panels are also moisture-resistant throughout the entire panel, not just on the surface. Specifically produced for floor and sidewall use in cargo trailer applications, DryMax high-performance wood structural panels offer you 15 years of proven performance in cargo trailer applications. Available in both floor and wall panels.

Floor panels are sanded two sides and wall panels are sanded one side for a clean, uniform finish

Engineered to stay flat

One-year limited warranty*


Available Products
DryMax® 23/32 category cargo flooring
DryMax® 3/8 category cargo wall panel


Safety Data Sheets

Product FAQs

What makes DryMax® cargo panels different from standard OSB products?

DryMax® cargo panels are produced using a special manufacturing formulation that makes the product more moisture resistant, durable and stable than regular OSB products. These qualities make DryMax panels ideal for cargo and trailer applications that require a panel that can stand up to constant rigor and wear and tear.

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