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DensDeck® Prime Roof Board - Saves Time and Materials

- Easy to cut and install
- Easy to apply adhesives
- No need for gapping

Watch the side-by-side comparison with gypsum fiber roof board…

Longevity for Low Slope Roofs

DensDeck® roof boards can help add lifespan to virtually any commercial roof system.

- Protect the membrane
- Resist crushing and impacts
- Resist wind uplift
- Attenuate external noise

Superior Cover Board

DensDeck provides a rigid cover board with high compressive strength to add durability to the roofing system.

Use as specified in FM-tested assemblies to qualify for Class 1 FM Approvals:

- Meet codes and standards

- Provides superior protection against hail damage.

Superior Thermal Barrier

DensDeck® provides superior fire resistance — better than wood fiberboard, perlite, high-density polyisocyanurate or gypsum fiberboards.

Increase the total fire rating of the assembly…

by using DensDeck as a thermal barrier over the roof deck AND as a cover board under the membrane.

Unparalleled Performance for Nearly 30 Years

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* Based upon survey of CMD Group project specifications from 01/01/15 – 12/31/15.

For recommendations and limitations of use for DensDeck Roof Boards, download the technical brochure. Georgia-Pacific Gypsum does not warrant or provide specifications for any specific roofing assembly or any component other than DensDeck Roof Boards. Consult with the appropriate system manufacturer or design authority for system specifications and instructions.

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