Do you live in
a fire smart home?

Learn about home fire safety and test your knowledge with this fun and interactive quiz!

Brought to you by Georgia-Pacific and patent-pending
ToughRock® Fireguard 45 Gypsum Board , the breakthrough fire-rated
gypsum drywall for home construction.


Make sure smoke alarms are correctly installed, and that they’re maintained and functioning properly.

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“Keep an eye on what you fry” and be sure you have a safe cooking workspace.

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Check to see that electrical cords, appliances and outlets are safe and in good condition.

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Educate yourself on modern fire-rated building materials and use them the next time you build or remodel.

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Only use approved heaters, keep them clean and safe, and remove hazardous objects from their vicinity.

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Observe safe practices if people are smoking on the premises, and be careful when using open flames.

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Get out and stay out! Create a fire escape plan and practice it with everyone in your home.

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Upgrade to
Toughrock® Fireguard 45
Gypsum Board

Prevention is the key to protection. Should flames break out in your home, fire-rated building materials, like patent-pending ToughRock® Fireguard 45™ Gypsum Board, could help provide more time compared to traditional materials for fire fighters to save your property and possibly allow your loved ones more time than traditional materials to safely exit. Now’s the time to select the right materials for your fire smart home.

Ask your builder for fire-rated walls

1 Classified by an independent 3rd party for enhanced fire-resistant properties
2 Provides affordable peace of mind
3 Reduces noise between rooms