Protection Built into every wall™


Become a hero to your home buyers! Build with fire-rated walls in your new construction homes with patent-pending ½-inch ToughRock® Fireguard 45™ drywall – only from
Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

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UL Classified ½" gypsum board 45-minute rating in select assemblies*
48" & 54" widths, standard lengths Lowers sound transmission

* Consult UL Fire Resistance Directory for assembly information.

What can Toughrock® Fireguard 45™ Gypsum Board do for you?

Promote Fire-Rated Wall Construction

Resonate with home buyers’ desire for increased safety in home construction by offering fire-rated interior walls -- without digging into your margins or changing construction processes.

Market a Message that Matters

Tune in to what matters to new home buyers with insight from recent consumer research about home buyers’ willingness to pay more for upgrades that help address concerns about fire safety.¹

Differentiate Your Brand

Distinguish your homes from competitors’ homes by offering a unique upgrade in quality home construction. Add value with peace of mind – and superior performing materials!

Get New Leads

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is getting the word out to potential home buyers online to be on the lookout for new construction homes with this new enhanced drywall. See what they see!

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Home Buyer Insight

Use this high-quality executive presentation to share insights from recent consumer research and explore possibilities about how to sell more homes with ToughRock® Fireguard 45™ Gypsum Board.

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Free Sample Kit

Order a sleek marketing kit with a 5" x 7" product sample plus a fun, 3D counter card, color poster and additional marketing materials to leave an impression. Qualified builders only.

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Let's Talk

This new board can replace ½" standard and lightweight gypsum board in wall and ceiling assemblies, including 24" o.c. ceilings.² May we call you to discuss what this can mean to you?

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