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ForceField® Air and Water Barrier System

  • The ForceField system creates an integrated air and water barrier system eliminating the need for house wrap
  • Once installed, protects the structure from the elements throughout the construction process
  • Easy to use seam tape performs in cold weather down to 0⁰F

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About the System

The ForceField® air and water barrier system from Georgia-Pacific consists of structural engineered wood sheathing panels laminated with a proprietary air and water barrier. Once the panels are installed on a structure and the panel seams are taped with ForceField® seam tape, it creates a code-compliant, integrated system for residential or light commercial construction that eliminates the need for house wrap.


  • Faster than traditional house wrap installation, helping save time and helping lower total installed cost
  • Installation requires two steps:
    • Install sheathing – panels install like standard OSB or plywood sheathing
    • Tape seams with ForceField seam tape
  • Once installed, provides protection from the elements throughout the construction process
  • Integrated sheathing and proprietary overlay create a barrier that keeps water out, but is also vapor permeable, allowing water vapor to escape and promote drying
  • The integration of the overlay and panel eliminates the need for re-work that is necessary with house wrap that has blown off or is installed incorrectly
  • Window, door and other penetrations don't require complicated cutting and folding common with house wrap installation
  • ForceField sheathing combined with ForceField seam tape helps prevent air infiltration, which helps create a more energy efficient structure
  • Lifetime limited warranty


4'x8', 4'x9' and 4'x10' panels are available in 7/16 category thickness





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