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Banded Cores

FireDefender Banded Core

Mineral cores and FireStop stiles, rails, and blocking may be bought separately, in pieces cut-to-size by us and ready for assembly at a door manufacturer's location. Or, a door manufacturer may buy banded cores from Georgia-Pacific with the core, FireStop stiles, rails, lock blocks and a wood outer stile already assembled by us. If intumescent seals are required, we will install them.

We offer a range of final thicknesses from 1.50" to 1.8", a variety of wood species for lipping, and dozens of different blocking, stile, and rail configurations to fit almost any need. Banded cores may also be ordered with a surface sealer applied to reduce surface dust.

With FireDefender® banded cores, door manufacturers receive a product that is ready for the glue spreader and door press – without the need for costly and time-consuming assembly.

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