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Mineral Core

FireDefender Mineral Core

FireDefender® Mineral Core material fills most of the space in the interior of a door. It is relatively light in density at approximately 32 pounds per cubic foot. It has excellent thermal properties and through-bolting is allowed, but it is not intended to provide screw-holding capabilities. FireDefender® mineral cores are made of a proprietary mix of various minerals, fiberglass, and inert binders. They are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.500" - 2.000" (38mm - 51mm) and in various sizes up to a maximum of 34-1/2" x 82" (876mm x 2083mm). The mineral core is easily sawn with ordinary woodworking equipment and can be pieced together to make doors as large as four feet wide and ten feet tall. Georgia-Pacific mineral core is also approved for use in temperature rise applications in wood fire doors.

FireDefender Mineral Core Physical Properties
Color Light gray
Thickness 1.485-1.6875 in 3.8-4.3 cm
Weight (12"x12"x1.5") 3.5-4.5 lbs./ft2 17.0-22.0 kg/m2
Density 28-35 lbs/ft3 454-567 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 250-400 lbs/in2 1724-2758 kPa
Flexural Strength 85-125 lbs 39-57 kg
Flexural Strength Sample Size 6"x14"x1.5"
Tensile Strength 20-40 lbs/in2 138-276 kPa

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